Fire-Matic Systems, Inc

Providing Fire Sprinkler & related systems since 1970
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Fire-Matic Systems, Inc. can provide all your fire protection needs to meet the requirements of the building, as well as meet the requirements of your useage and storage arrangements by providing the code analysis, design, permitting, installation and inspection of your fire sprinkler systems.

Analysis & Varience

We review all requirements of your building design and specifications, as well as the clients useage, storage and storage arrangements to give you the best sprinkler system that meets all codes. We will apply to the cities for any variances that may be needed to meet the required usesage of the building being fire sprinklered.


 We install sprinkler systems as small as one sprinkler up to thousands of sprinklers. These have included the modification, retro fit and new sprinkler systems for all types of building construction. We install systems for a variety of locations; one story buildings, high rises, warehouse storage buildings, tenant improrevments and modications of exisiting fire sprinkler systems. We will also retrofit exisiting buildings with new fire sprinkler systems or upgrade the existing system to meet new storage or building useage.

System Analysis

We provide an analysis of your building system or future building sites to see if the existing system or systems will meet the requirements of the client's useage, storage, and storage arrangements. We will provid, you with the requirements and the cost to upgrade the existing system to meet those requirements.


We use our own in house engineers to meet the design requirements of all our projects. Using inside design, we are able to react to necessary changes in the building construction, and make immediate decisions so that we stick to the schedule of the project. Fire- Matic utilizes Computer Aided Design (CAD).


We offer repair services for any damages caused to your system. We provide spare heads, replace heads and piping as needed to complete the repairs.

of Systems

Our inspections meet the requirements of NFPA 25, and the requirements of the the city, having the jurisdiction and state. We also carry out inspections Quarterly, Annually and 5 years inspections, in addition to Fire Hydrant Flow Testing.

  • wet and dry sprinkler systems
  • preaction systems (non interlock, single interlocks, and double interlocks)
  • Deluge Systems,
  • foam
  •  Fire Pumps
from residential systems, office buildings, warehouses, commerical, industrial, semi-conductor, R&D, ret ail, medical buildings and high rise buildings.

We provide fire sprinkler underground as needed for a project. Fire-Matic Systems, Inc. is superbly suited to provide your fire protection needs in the changing construction marketplace. 

Let us perform a service for you.